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Global Service Corps

Global Service Corps

The Global Service Corps (GSC) was launched in May 2010 to continue Kyung Hee's tradition of "Scholarship and Peace" and to carry out new social service activities as a 21st century university.
The GSC is comprised of four projects: the Global Praxis--which contributes to global service and contributions; the Community Partnership--which serves the local community; the Medical Service Program--which practices sharing through medicine; and the On-line Service Program--which transcends the barriers of time and space.
The launching of the GSC will serve as the impetus for establishing a new paradigm for the University's service to society.

Community Partnership Program

The Community Partnership Program builds a partnership between the local community and the University to cooperatively promote welfare and to create a new and better community.

Kyung Hee University's Humanities for Citizens

The Humanities for Citizens program uses humanities education as a tool to support the underprivileged in overcoming their sense of deprivation in order to regain confidence in their own self-worth and appreciate the value of life. This project aims to strengthen Kyung Hee's image and fulfillment of social responsibility by returning the fruits of the University's education and research to society.
The program began in 2007 in collaboration with the Gyeonggi Province Self-Sufficiency Center, the Nowon House of Sharing and the Gwanak District Self-Sufficiency Center. In 2008, it joined with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the National Research Foundation of Korea to expand the program to 15 regions. Starting in April 2009, the program extended its reach to offer inmates humanities courses in cooperation with the Seoul Correction Headquarters. In 2010, it once again cooperated with the National Research Foundation of Korea to offer courses to the homeless, participants in rehabilitation programs, low-income citizens, inmates, and the general public. This program is run by the Center for the Humanities with Social Praxis through the volunteer efforts of both faculty and students.
Lectures include courses on philosophy, literature, history, the arts, and writing and meet twice a week for 24 weeks over the course of two semesters. Aside from the regular curriculum, there are also diverse learning opportunities through experiential courses, historical site visits, and other educational excursions.
Through this program, Kyung Hee is continuously shaping a society that encourages the underprivileged and marginalized to rehabilitate themselves and be independent.

Dreaming Kyung Hee Mentoring Program

"Dreaming Kyung Hee" is a mentoring program for the children of the community's most underprivileged and marginalized groups. Mentors offer academic assistance and encourage mentees to develop an upright outlook of life. This program, which is offered at no cost to students, reforms the learning environment through individual assistance in Korean, English, mathematics, and other subjects.
The program was first offered in the latter half of 2009 to children in the Hoegi-dong community.

Kyung Hee Happy House

The Kyung Hee Happy House program individually pairs Kyung Hee students with senior citizens who live by themselves in the local community. Through regular visits, special invitation events, and living environment improvements, the program offers the elderly emotional support and a form of social protection.
The program began in March 2010 with the selection of student volunteers and is actively underway.

Civic Education School

The Civic Education School is an educational program intended to strengthen the autonomy of those in the local community. The school offers a space for communication and voluntary participation by members of a community to understand the basic definitions and concepts of autonomy.
The school opened in April 2010 and currently has over 40 participants from the Hoegi-dong Citizens' Alliance, the Merchant Association, local NGOs, and Kyung Hee Volunteers. In addition to offering the basic curriculum, the program is collecting creative ideas to create a better community through discussion and discourse.

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